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Myself! ... Amrut!! The mirror of my inner soul, the man of my own heart, the realist on thoughts, relies more on my intuitions, gracefully touched by the beauty of nature, unpredictable by behaviors, uncomplicated attitude towards life, Passionate communicator, deeply motivated with life’s experiences, like to take control over my actions.

Always believe in right style of thinking, considers design as the language of heart, deep feelings to unlock the secrets of heart, desire to turn the problems into opportunities, vision to fulfill my large and small dreams, Keen to follow the rules and break the rules. Work to bring dreams into reality, immense pleasure to explore the exquisiteness this world offers.
Assertive, endurance, confidence, determination and powerful imagination lines up my strengths. Easily deceived, forgetful, sometimes indulged and unorganized stays as weakness. Dislikes liars and hypocrites. Excited to be part of the sea which delights me with its deep blue water always thrilled by its silence, colorful butterflies and beautiful flowers forever inspired me as many as under the sky. Inspiration fills me and follows me.

I listen with anticipation to all good music, has great love to arts, spicy foods, long drive and to my Pune city. Deep emotions to spread love and smile to loved and beloved ones, so as to everyone I meet. I also have immense love to my family and friends who supports me at all times. This is the way I reproduce my existence in this earth.
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